About H & H Press

Hare and Heron Press was established in 2012 by Julian Warrender, owner and ‘chief pot stirrer’ of Ouse Valley Foods. We publish picture books for younger children, featuring original illustrations.

We currently have four books in our catalogue:

Granny Marmalade and Uncle Tractor

The Railway Land Dogs’ Club – Ivy’s lost ball

The Railway Land Dogs’ Club – Three Further Tails

Magnus Carter – A fable about justice and liberty.

Why Hare and Heron?
“The idea of using the hare and heron for the name of my publishing company came about because of the significance of both these creatures to me.

The story goes that many centuries ago the Warrenders were Flemish warren keepers who found their way to Scotland, so the hare is my family crest. I also love the magic and myths associated with the hare, and its links to the moon and the goddess Ostara. The heron is the image we use on our labels and has been the herald of our branding since the start of my company Ouse Valley Foods in 2006. As well as it being a bird of legend and good fortune, I also love it as I grew up next to a heronry in Somerset and remember the thrill of seeing their enormous messy nests high in the tree tops.

My friend James Otway is a talented artist with the sensitivity to interpret all of this in our branding; he has created a beautiful drawing that combines both these wondrous creatures.” Julian Warrender, founder & author.