ivy“I was given my name because I was born near St Ives in Cornwall, just over two years ago (in doggy years that’s 14). I am a mixture of terriers.

I have a sunny personality and a mischievous nature, and I love going for long walks over the Downs above Lewes or along the river by the Railway Land. I love snuffling in the undergrowth and teasing slugs. I am not very keen on deep water, and rather prefer to stalk frogs in the shallows.

I love meeting other dogs. Most love to rag about with me but a few are sometimes stand- offish – I just ignore them.

There is a bench in my garden on which I love to watch out for passersby to say hello to. I like to dig holes in the flower beds for which I get told off and sometimes I bark a little too loudly at other dogs that walk past.

My most favourite game is playing with a ball, either with my owner, other dogs or on my own. I like lying on my back and juggling or taking my ball up the stairs and letting it bounce down, I then clatter down the stairs, pick up the ball and repeat the whole performance again.

I am keen on my grub and have learnt to rootle around in coat pockets for dog biscuits.

I love being with people, particularly Bridget and Phil, who like having me to stay in their nice house in Hove.”