Messing About With Marmalade

Posted by Julian Warrender March 3rd, 2015

Marmalade is best made between January and March when citrus fruit are at their peak. Loads of different varieties can be found at the greengrocers and most make scrumptious marmalade. Blood oranges all the way from Scilly make a rusty red marmalade while pink grapefruit and sharp lemons create a refreshing mix; for a scented breakfast treat try making from sweet clementine’s. There is an excellent basic marmalade recipe in the back of the book that you could make with a little help.

I am hoping all of you will have a jar of tangy marmalade in the kitchen cupboard as here are a few easy, peasy ideas for using it in a more unusual way than spreading on toast for breakfast.

* Crisp up some streaky bacon, toast a muffin or a bagel, spread with a thin layer of marmalade and top with crispy bacon rashers

* Roll some plump pork and leek sausages in marmalade and pop in the oven until golden and sizzling.

* Warm some marmalade in a saucepan and pour over sponge pudding.

* Beat a dollop of marmalade into vanilla ice cream

* Cheese on toast is delicious with a very thin layer of marmalade under the melted cheese – Red Leicester is perfect for this.

* For a change, stir some marmalade into your favourite muffin mix.

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