An Average Sort of Day

Posted by Julian Warrender July 22nd, 2015

photo by Emma Gutteridge

photo by Emma Gutteridge

On most mornings I wake to feel the warm curled outline of my little dog Ivy mirroring my sleepy shape. The tug to rise as dawn breaks always gets the better of me ……




Messing About With Marmalade

Posted by Julian Warrender March 3rd, 2015

grannymarmalade“Marmalade is best made between January and March when citrus fruit are at their peak. Loads of different varieties can be found at the greengrocers and most make scrumptious marmalade”…




“Please Read Me A Story” – 10 situations other than Bedtime, to remember to bring books for the children

Posted by Julian Warrender January 27th, 2015


1) Always have a stash of books by the loo; then you can lock the door, with the children on the other side and read to them whilst maintaining your privacy and dignity.

2) Make sure that whenever you travel with children that you have a passenger who”…