Magnus Carter

Magnus, the democratic mole

Magnus, the democratic mole

Magnus Carter is a brave little mole. He and his friends work all day, digging tunnels and catching worms for King Moldewarp. The king is greedy and unjust, and life is hard for the other moles. When disaster strikes, Magnus and his fellow workers rise up against the selfish king. Will their rebellion lead to imprisonment or victory?

Inspired by the 8ooth anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, this delightful fable helps children, in a fun and thought-provoking way, to understand justice, liberty and a turning point in history. The book includes two games ‘Tunnel Maze’ and ‘Worms and Ladders’.

Julian says, “We were surprised to discover that we are the only people doing something specifically to engage KS1 school children in the Magna Carta story. Children’s natural leaning towards justice means they are drawn to this story and we have had some great feedback already from schools. We are really excited about bringing this beautifully illustrated book to younger children so they can also be involved. The future of democracy is their future, even more than it is ours…”

With the objective of engaging younger children in the history of the Magna Carta, Julian and her team will be offering workshops to schools, cultural/educational organisations and Magna Carta events. A typical teaching session will include a lively book reading and interactive exercises which encourage children to explore the book’s themes of justice, equality and democracy through the approachable character of Magnus the Mole.

Further educational tools for primary schools, including Lesson Ideas and links to Magna Carta sites will be available soon.


‘Magnus Carter, A fable about justice and liberty’ is written by Julian Warrender,  beautifully illustrated by Lyndsey Smith and designed by Carlotta Luke.

Publication date: 23rd March 2015      Priced at £6.99    Read Here